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Message from the 2022 National Meeting Chair

Dear Colleagues,

It is an honor to represent the 2022 National Meeting Planning Committee, Global Ties U.S., and the Office of International Visitors as your Meeting Chair. Together we can make this National Meeting—our first in-person gathering as a Network since 2020—a memorable and exciting experience.

The past several years have presented challenges, disappointments, and new horizons all in one. I know that you, as a part of this amazing group of community ambassadors, have reinvented the way we do business and will continue to MOVE EXCHANGE FORWARD.

Although our attendance will be limited due to COVID, your learning opportunities are endless. You can participate in more than 20 in-person breakout sessions and three (3) U.S. Department of State thematic presentations, not to mention the inspiring plenary sessions! Open your minds and broaden your ideas and techniques by attending program sessions on topics ranging from cyber issues, effective data collection, fundraising and development, to adult learning, alumni ideas, and podcasting.

Don’t forget one of the most important parts of our National Meeting: meeting new colleagues and connecting with old friends! It’s been two years since our Network has come together, to connect and exchange ideas and stories. I am excited to see my friends again (not in sweatpants and slippers) and talk about life and new ideas we are eager to try on our in-person international visitors!

We have learned many things during our virtual-only days: how to unmute ourselves, what to wear, how to screen share, how to talk on a delay, and how many pets everyone has. Most importantly, we have learned that we can still be effective and bring people together globally like our organization has done for 60+ years!

With our new-found knowledge of virtual tools, we can enhance our conversations across many mediums. MOVING EXCHANGE FORWARD means extending our connections with our Congressional members, using new tools in imaginative ways, dispelling stereotypes, and reaching even better and stronger cross-cultural understanding.

I am excited to great you at this year’s National Meeting, and listen to your stories and ideas of how we can strengthen our global mission and our daily programming. Here’s to your dedication and infinite innovation! See you at the Meeting!



Toni Carr Director, Global Ties Arkansas

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