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  • July 15-19 Cybersecurity Pakistan

  • July 19-31 Pan African Youth Leadership Program PAYLP

- About PAYLP: Youth from several Sub-Saharan regions will come to Little Rock to learn more about our people, local and state governments and more importantly to learn leadership skills, action-planning, tech skills and more.

  • August 20-26 German Parliament

- German Parliament is a special program requested by the agency in Washington D, Cultural Vistas, to be a part of the program, "Beyond Washington". Visits to several US cities works to promote a deeper understanding of US domestic and policy and strengthen transatlantic relations by observing policies and procedures in the local government other than those well-known such as New York and Los Angeles.

  • September 22 International Peek     Phase 1 Newport area + Phase 2 Little Rock area

- About International Peek: Project Description: The International Peek program aims to create access to global affairs in the Delta Region of Arkansas by serving the region with educational, leadership, and professional development opportunities that are internationally relevant. It has been developed by John Presime and Ra’phael Davis (a native of Newport) and funded by the U.S. Department of State through the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund. The program will offer training in leadership skills, intercultural communication, and job-seeking. It will also offer seminars in youth-focused program development, foreign service, and other topics.


Audience: High school students, College students and their families. (I will ask that you all extend the invitation to the other ASUs. If they express interest in partnering with us too, there's plenty to go around.)


Admission: The event is free and open to the public. We will request prior registration just to ensure we have a good head count for seating and meals.  

  • postponed  -  US/Ukraine  (Open World) Rebuilding Financial Industry Infrastructure

  • postponed   -  Azerbaijan, Combating Commercial and Sexual  Exploitation of Children

PAST EVENTS - 2022/2023

  • February 24 - March 4, 2023   Open World Azerbaijan  Youth Leadership in civic engagement and governance

  • April 17 - 21, 2023   YSEALI Study Tour

  • April 22 - May 19, 2023   YSEALI Little Rock

  • May 18 - 26, 2023   Open World, Ukraine, Parliament

  • June 9 - 16, 2023   Open World, Serbia, Parliament


IVLP, International Visitor Leadership Programs

  • January 13 - 19,  Human & Civil Rights, Africa (IVLP)

  • July 19 - 26, Saudi Arabia for Museum Management


They started in Bentonville and visited Crystal Bridges and The Momentary. They also visited The Amazeum, The Walmart Museum, and the Cooper Chapel. Then, they traveled to Little Rock and toured the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, the Esse Purse Museum, the Little Rock Central High National Historic Monument, and the Clinton Presidential Center.

  • June 17 - July 18, YSEALI, Young Southeast Asian leadership Initiative

  • Sept 1 - 7,  is Agricultural Marketing for India

  • Sept 8 - 14,  English as a second Language TESOL  for Timor Leste

  • Sept 15 - 21,  Human rights for near east and north Africa

  • Sept 22 - 27,  Executive and Legislative Relations to advance national security for Kosovo

  • May 28 - June 2,  Countering Extremism

  • July 19 - 26,  Museum Management

  • July 27 - 30 Human Rights Law

  • July 27 - 31,  Open Prisons, Juvenile Justice Ref

  • September 1 - 7,  AG Marketing

  • September 8 - 14,  TESOL

  • September 15 - 21,  US Invest. Reg

  • September 15 - 21,  Human/Civil Rights

  • September 21 - 25, National Security

  • October 29 - November 2,  Indo Pacific strategy

  • November 26 - December 1, Interfaith Dialogue

  • Open World and YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative) 

  • February 11 - 19,   Legislative, US Ukraine

  • June 18 - July 18,  YSEALI

  • September 17 - October 17,  YSEALI

  • June 24 - July 2,  Parliamentary Staffers, OW

  • October 21 - 29,  mental Health - Poland, OW

  • November 7 - 14,  Parliament - Azerbaijan, OW

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Programs We Host

 YSEALI : Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative

YSEALI/PFP is a U.S. Department of State initiative. This too is a month-long homestay within the community in a family home.  This individual works with businesses or other mentors for one month. It is, in effect, an immersion in entrepreneurship.  It is focused on business, agriculture, and more.  There is a reciprocal exchange with the mentor if the project developed is chosen.

Several of our Fellowship hosts have been chosen as a reciprocal programming recipient.  This means they were able to travel to their Fellow’s country to help set up a special project developed while in Arkansas.

  • Little Rock Workforce Investment Board Executive Director, W J Monagle was hosted in Azerbaijan where he participated in a two-week reverse exchange. Mr. Monagle mentored the completion of a program which he and his Azerbaijani counterpart,

Seymur Valiyev, devised in Little Rock. The project was one of 40 selected out of 250 participants.

  • Little Rock Urban Farms Owner, Chris Hiryak, traveled to Malaysia to speak and train with his counterpart Alisha NG Koh Chang.

  • Chris Jones of Arkansas Innovation Hub traveled to Brunei to work with Fisha Rashid in the Spring of 2019.

  • Mi Mi San Pedro from the Venture Center traveled to Vietnam in the Fall of 2019 to work with Xuan Thanh.

  • Terri Thomas of City Year  traveled to Myanmar to work with Kyu Kyu Mar

  • Kennard Williams of USDA will travel to the Philippines to work with Vina Orolfo.


Open World: Ukraine Visits Little Rock


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