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Ana Pendergast

My name is Ana Pendergast, and I have been a part of the Global Ties Network for four years. I have had the great pleasure to work with the Global Ties Arkansas Team for the majority of that time.The experiences, lessons and people I have met through Global Ties Arkansas and the whole next network has greatly prepared me for my next adventure- serving as a Community Economic Facilitator in Peace Corps Guatemala.

The Peace Corps was founded by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 and serves in over 60 countries. Volunteers serve in a variety of aspects, such as Health, Education, Youth Development, Agriculture, Community Economic Development and Environment. Volunteers live and work alongside local communities for 27 months. I will be living with a host family to help me integrate into the community, enhance my language skills and learn more about the culture of Guatemala and my community. This was one of the aspects of the Peace Corps that drew me in and encouraged me to apply. The ability to live and work so closely alongside locals and to fully work and live in a second language is daunting and challenging, but truly rewarding. I am so excited for the opportunity to learn about and work with the people of Guatemala and share my experiences with my friends, colleagues and those back home. Global Ties Arkansas prioritizes people-to-people diplomacy, and I have been so grateful and proud to be a part of that mission from my community and home and I am so excited to expand these experiences to Guatemala.

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