Electoral Processes

Have you ever wondered how intricate U.S. local and national electoral processes are? We are excited to welcome a group of 8 Latin American professionals to Little Rock to learn about those processes at the end of February!


Program Theme: Electoral Processes 

Program Dates: February 29th - March 4th 


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Global Ties Arkansas has experienced a hault in programs.

The U.S. Department of State has postponed all International Visitors programs until September 1.  Of course, this could change as we get closer to that date.  Our hope is to be able to resume our work in citizen diplomacy in early June.


Open World: Ukraine Visits Little Rock

01/24/20 - 02/01/20


Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalism

In late March we will welcome a group of Latin American professionals to Little Rock where they will examine the crucial role of media and the press in our democracy. In addition, they will learn how freedom of press is being shaped by new technology and social media. 

Program Theme: New & Traditional Broadcast Media

Program Dates: March 28th - April 1st

Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative. YSEALI 

YSEALI/PFP is a U.S. Department of State initiative. This too is a month-long home stay within the community in a family home.  This individual works with businesses or other mentors for one month. It is, in effect, an immersion in entrepreneurship.  It is focused on business, agriculture and more.  There is a reciprocal exchange with the mentor if the project developed is chosen.

Several of our Fellowship hosts have been chosen as a reciprocal programming recipient.  This means they were able to travel to their Fellow’s country to help set up a special projects developed while in Arkansas.

  • Little Rock Workforce Investment Board Executive Director, W J Monagle was hosted in Azerbaijan where he participated in a two-week reverse exchange. Mr. Monagle mentored the completion of a program which he and his Azerbaijani counterpart,



Seymur Valiyev, devised in Little Rock.The project was one of 40 selected out of 250 participants.

  • Little Rock Urban Farms Owner, Chris Hiryak, traveled to Malaysia to speak and train with his counterpart Alisha NG Koh Chang.

  • Chris Jones of Arkansas Innovation Hub traveled to Brunei to work with Fisha Rashid in Spring of 2019.

  • Mi Mi San Pedro from the Venture Center  traveled to Vietnam in fall of 2019 to work with Xuan Thanh.

  • Terri Thomas of City Year  traveled to Myanmar to work with Kyu Kyu Mar

  • Kennard Williams of USDA will travel to the Philippines to work with Vina Orolfo.