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Updated: Mar 30

In late April 2019, Ambassador Alan Eastham and his wife Carolyn put on a huge spread for our 14 visitors from various African nations under the program Empowering Youth Through Workforce Development. Also invited were our four Spring 2019 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) and Professional Fellows Program visitors. The hospitality from the Easthams and the well-organized professional appointments left an indelible mark with the Africans. From Honda (Herbert) Agono, Uganda: The whole Global Ties [Arkansas] team did a very wonderful job organizing and coordinating our stay in Little Rock. You treated us so well that I feel I can return the gesture if any of you ever visits my country, Uganda, in the near future. Thank you for hosting us and the arrangements made for meeting awesome people and for making our stay in Little Rock awesome. I can't thank you enough! Lots of stuff to take back home. I will always have Little Rock and Arkansas close to my heart. Thank you for the good will ambassador’s role [in the form of the Arkansas Traveler Certificate]. I am truly humbled. I WILL MISS YOU DEARLY.

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